Proposed Next Meeting

  • No physical meetings are currently being held

Meetings of the Parish Council are usually held at the
Rendcomb Village Hall at 7pm and follow this agenda:
 1.    Apologies
 2.   Declaration of interests
 3.   Minutes of the last meeting
 4.   Matters arising
 5.   Planning
 6.   Highways
 7.   Finance
 8.   Correspondence
 9.   Any other business
 10. Date of next meeting

Currently due to Covid-19 meetings will be held virtually

Minutes of Previous Meetings

minutes july 20.doc minutes july 20.doc
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minutes may 20.doc minutes may 20.doc
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Minutes March 20.doc Minutes March 20.doc
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Minutes Jan 20.doc Minutes Jan 20.doc
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Minutes Nov 19.doc Minutes Nov 19.doc
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Minutes Sept 19.doc Minutes Sept 19.doc
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Minutes July 19.doc Minutes July 19.doc
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Minutes May 19.doc Minutes May 19.doc
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19th March 2019.doc 19th March 2019.doc
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8th January 2019.doc 8th January 2019.doc
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Council Members

  • Annabel Purcell (Chairman)
  • Graham Horwood (Vice-Chairman)
  • Richard Norton
  • Sam Parkes
  • Lucia Dinkel
  • Caroline Norton (Clerk)

Contact us via Caroline Norton, our Clerk at

Our District Councillor is Jenny Forde - email: 
Jenny can help with many local issues such as highways and planning.

Our County Councillor is Paul Hodgkinson - email:  
Paul used to be our District Councillor and still attends our Parish Meetings and
retains an interest in many of the local issues that affect us.

Rendcomb Parish Council has carried out a basic accessibility check on this website. So far as it is aware. the limited information on the website is readily accessible in an easily readable format from a standard pc or mac or mobile device and, given the limited scope and functionality of the website, is compliant with web content accessibility guidelines, though our minutes are in Word and occasional accountancy information required to be put on the website is in pdf format. Given our very limited resources we have no practical alternative to providing information in this way. If you have concerns about this please contact our clerk and, if you are not happy with our response, contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service.